Sunday, March 28, 2010


For the biggest BYU fan I know's daughter...and quite possibly the best T-shirt dress I have ever made!
I got my hair did! How else can you do a mohawk?

What do you do during time-out?

Why I sweep three times a day.

She picked jeans on her own!

Old shoes made new again.

First PB&J. My life just got a little bit easier!


Laura said...

Wow! You always have so much going on, but you are so productive! I love all the projects!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you are the best craftiest person I know! If I get crafty, it usually ends up at the thrift store. On sale for twenty-five cents. Love the t-shirt dress and the cute dressed up shoes!

The Rose Family said...

She's wearing the dress today and loves it. I keep pointing to it and saying "Go COugars" and then she growls. It's pretty cute. I think the hair clips may take a little while to grow on her. But thanks-- it fits perfectly.