Sunday, November 22, 2009


Life has been nuts here for awhile. Sickness abounds with 4 kids. Two of them are in school and bring home new germs everyday. Then friends come over and share their germs as well.

ET has been the least sick, which I attribute to his lack of thumbsucking. But the boy is coming along nicely with his attitude. OY! Once he gets past that, though, he is the sweetest boy ever. I have been sick twice in the last little bit; once with the stomach bug and most recently with a strep-like-but-not-strep-grossness. And he is always there asking me if I need anything, getting food for the girls, feeding Squirt her bottle, and leading the kids in making me Get Well cards. Yesterday he was the one rallying everyone to rake the leaves. We finished the front yard and he raked about half of the backyard. I'm sure his motivation on that one is the big pile of leaves to jump in at the end.

Thumbelina got the stomach bug and a killer cough that seemed to last forever! She has such an imagination. Always pretending and making up games to play with Munchkin. She brought a friend home with her from school a few weeks back...without any parental knowledge. That was a fun one!

Munchkin usually just rolls with the punches. She started this whole illness merry-go-round with her pneumonia a few months back. She also go the stomach bug and the cough that never ends. She is such a happy-go-lucky kid. She is happy to play along with Thumbelina and ETs made up games or sing songs to herself. She loves it when friends come over even though most of the friends that come are there for her brother and sister.

Squirt has had a rough go of it lately. She started with croup and a trip to the ER. Then she never really got over the cough. 4 weeks we listened to her cough over the humidifier. Then she started being grumpy half the time. So I took her in to the doctor. She had a strep test, a H1N1 test and a confirmed ear infection. 4 days later, she was my happy baby again and the cough was long gone!

Hubby hasn't gotten any of this. I guess there are some perks to being super busy with work, school and more work.

And then, I agreed to host Thanksgiving...


Diana said...

I am so sorry Erin! I so feel for you. I keep telling myself since we were so sick in October that we will be OK for the rest of the winter! I hope you are all on the up & up! If there is anything I can do for you let me know!

Anonymous said...

You really have had your hands full! It's hard when the kids take turns being really sick! I hope everyone is well! Goodluck with TG at your place! I have a great gravy recipe you make the day before if you'd like it. No one would tell the difference...and it cuts all that gravy making time when everyone wants to start eating!