Monday, September 7, 2009

My Girl(s)

Squirt is growing so fast. When we were at the doctor's office for Munchkin, I snuck Squirt onto the scale and she is just barely over 14 pounds. She is still losing hair and what hair she has left sticks straight up with a little mohawk in the front. But don't worry--she is still rocking the mullet hard! She hates tummy time--but not enough to roll over yet. But she sleeps on her sides or like this:
She is very good at just falling asleep on the floor when she gets tired. I wonder who she takes after in that regard?

Since we are still a one-car family, with 2 kids in school, we needed a new stroller. (Also a new carseat since the carrier base broke on our trip.) I didn't want a double because I knew Munchkin would just whine the whole time if I tried to put her in it. So we got a Sit-N-Stand and I love it! It isn't as long or bulky as a double stroller and it just has a little bench seat in the back for Munchkin, or she can turn around and stand and ride. And the front seat reclines just enough for Squirt to not fold over on herself. Check her out in her new clothes from Aunt Rachel and cousin Ru.
Here are my other girls. Rachel--recognize that fabric? I took a shirt and made it into a dress for Thumbelina. At first she didn't want to put it on but then she wore it all day Sunday, took a shower Sunday night and put it back on as pajamas. I had to talk her out of it the next day. She just "loves it so much!" And Munchkin has to get in on every picture.

Speaking of Munchkin, she is doing much better. Coughing but not too much. She is starting to hate sitting still for the "cloud" medicine--but thankfully today is the last day for everything.


The Rose Family said...

How come everything I send you ends up re-furbished for your children? Still- that shirt looks WAY better as a little girl dress-- and so chic too! Glad that your daughter will keep a hat on-- I don't know what we even bother trying.

lauralquinton said...

Erin, do you make pillow case dresses?