Thursday, September 10, 2009


My daughters (the ones who can walk anyway) have become fabulous. We were ahead of schedule on bedtimes last night and the girls disappeared into the playroom while ET did his reading. We called them up for Family Prayer, and the girls emerged all decked out. Munchkin was wearing Thumbelina's old tap costume with both of her legs through one leg hole and the rest of the costume flapping behind her like peacock feathers, only red. She had accessorized with a plastic Princess necklace, a neon green sparkly hair scrunchy, and plastic shoes. Thumbelina was also dressed to the nines with much accessorizing. We told them they looked pretty but could they go back and change. Munchkin replied, "But we want to be fabulous!" As they were walking through the kitchen on their way to the playroom, Thumbelina said, "Come on. Tomorrow when we wake up we can be fashionable," complete with hip thrust and everything.

(Munchkin wore her fabulousness to take ET to school this morning. The problem with putting both legs through one leg hole is it scrunches up her shorts and makes it look like she is wearing hot pants.)


lauralquinton said...

what? No pics of the fabulousness?

Corrin said...

they are so cute! i can't believe how grown up they are. i love your kids.