Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Time

I can't sleep. I have heartburn all the time no matter what I eat. My house is only clean from the table tops up because I can't bend over. I am sick to death of every smell in my house--even my yummy shampoo. The dining room is finally sorted and all the stuff put away. The darn owl blanket is finally (relatively) finished. My sewing machine needle broke and I don't have the energy to figure out where I put the extras. My hospital bag is packed. And my belly button is popped out like a turkey timer.



Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for Jason to tell us that baby his here. I hated this part of preganancy. My niece is due the same day as you and is still waiting too. I will send you good vibes! HURRY UP BABY!

SaMarenda said...

I hope things happen soon. Let me know if you need anything!


Gustogirl said...

The last few days are pure torture!!! Hang in there!