Sunday, April 12, 2009


"Mom, can we do crafts?"

At least three times a day I hear this. Crafts in our house (for the kids anyway) consists of scissors, glue sticks, stickers (left over from ET's 5th birthday party--I swear the stickers are multiplying!), markers, crayons, and construction paper.

Munchkin usually gets banned at least once from every craft session for drawing on herself or the walls or the table. She is, however, getting better with the scissors.

Right now, ET's big project is making Easter Eggs to make a garland out of for our wall. Too bad many of the eggs have gory pictures on them. There is the one with the decapitated man, sword still in his neck. Or the one where the guy is gushing blood with a few blood drops for good measure. But, to contrast that, there is an egg with a resurrected Jesus on it. I am just not sure how far apart etiquette states I space them.

Thumbelina, I think, is in a height phase. She just glues one scrap of paper on top of another until her paper pile is at least an inch or two tall. She made me a rainbow yesterday that was easily three inches off the table.

I made a rule that they can only put up one 'craft' on the wall per day. Munchkin always puts one up but can never leave it there.

And me? What's a mom to do with herself when her children are occupied with crafts for hours? Make egg easter cards for her visiting teaching group:
And paper covers for their Easter buckets since they thrashed the real Easter buckets from last year.


Shaunee said...

Cute crafts! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

Happy be-lated Easter! The crafts look fantastic!!