Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Burst of Creativity

While ignoring all the things I still have to do, I remade an old T shirt into a dress for Munchkin.

I think it's adorable--now if it would just stop snowing, maybe she could wear it.
I am trying to make some simple dresses with sleeves for Thumbelina this summer. She is all about skirts but if I can get her into dresses, that's one less thing to wash! Luckily there are a bunch of tutorials for easy ones floating around the internet.
Up next, I am going to try this skirt from Made.
I think it would make a cute birthday outfit for Thumbelina.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you are just too creative with that sewing machine. Oh, I wish I had your talent! (my kids' baby blankets are hashed, and they refuse to let them go!)

Thelissa said...

Love that "made" site. Very cool. I love the t-shirt dress!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

my sister has an etsy store and has recently gotten big into the sewing thing. you should look at her blog she is aways trying to find people to share stuff with adn get ideas from. she made this cute bubble skirt for her girls you might like!