Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Big Thank You

Turns out the big weekend with Hubby in WA was no big deal to the kids. You see, hubby is in school and has all of his classes on Tuesday and Thursday. So generally, the kids will see him Wednesday afternoon and evening, and then not again until Friday afternoon. So I am pretty sure they just thought Dad was at school and work. So there were no big 'I want Dad' meltdowns.
Thank you for everyone who sent the links to the conference packets. I seriously got emails from about 5 people. But the biggest hit was Conference Bingo. Saturday morning, ET was the only one interested in watching conference. But he got 3 bingos all by himself and all the kids wanted the candy prize. The afternoon session passed quietly with both girls napping. I decided that I would 'watch' conference in bed--you know through my eyelids. But the boy sat quietly for two hours listening intently for the bingo words to be said.

Then, Thumbelina woke up and got in on the action. "He said and!" "He said food!" She didn't seem to really understand that only certain words counted.

We were driving home from the airport during the afternoon session on Sunday, and hubby and I kept getting yelled at.

"Be quiet! I am trying to listen to conference!"

You can't say he wasn't getting more candy at least.

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