Monday, September 19, 2011

Awesome Monday

This morning, we went to Ikea to get some spice racks for bookshelves for the kids' rooms. We left our house right after the kids went to school. We got to Ikea around 9am. Guess what time Ikea opens. 10am. So we drove around Riverton looking for a park. We found one with a merry-go-round. Munchkin wanted to go fast but Squirt was on and I wasn't sure she'd hold on very well. So I got on with her. Hubby pushed us pretty fast and both girls loved it. Me? Not so much. I hadn't eaten breakfast and I was so sick!!! I even considered eating some of hubby's sunflower seeds to just put something in my stomach. I took me most of the morning and into the afternoon before I felt better. Getting old sucks!

So at 10 am we went back to Ikea and they are all out of the spice racks. For two weeks. Oh well. I got to wander around Ikea for a bit and the girls got a spinny ride on their carts from Hubby.

Since the kids went back to school, I have been running a lot of errands with the two littles. So, inevitably the two younger ones have been getting some treats that the older ones are missing out on. Like a cheap toy or treat after a trip to the store. Or a kid's meal after a long trip to the store to keep them awake on the car ride home. So the older two were feeling left out. I wanted to bring up all the things they got when they were little and the other two weren't born yet, but I didn't. So hubby pulled them out of school today and surprised them with lunch. They picked a pizza buffet and then got to get a toy at the dollar store. (We also didn't tell them that since we were running late home from Ikea, the two little girls got McDonalds for lunch.) Then we took them to Classic Skate for a while which turned into dinner...which none of them ate! Let's just say that Thumbelina is the best skater out of all of us. I only ate it once, but the boy spent most of his time on the floor. Luckily, for our pride, we were the only ones there. But they have a whole new play area with bounce houses and a climbing thing that the kids loved!

It was probably the best day ever...and Squirt went to bed at 6:30.

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