Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School, Back to School...

School started this week. Just before the summer fighting drove me completely insane!!!

Thumbelina started 2nd grade. She likes her teacher and has a bunch of friends in her class. She has already gotten to Yellow Card for talking. Oh well. That was her main problem last year. I have them write apology letters if they don't behave. It worked for the boy last year, but Thumbelina really likes writing notes so I'm not sure it will work with her.

My boy is in 3rd grade. His teacher seems really nice. No homework this first week-so he really liked that! He also sits right next to the girl he has a crush on. He was "totally embarrassed" when I kissed him on his forehead the first day of school. Oh well.

And this one who can't stand for the camera to be out without taking a picture of her! (or her bear in this case!)

Munchkin will start Preschool in a couple weeks so her picture will be up then.

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