Friday, May 27, 2011

We Love Our Teachers

I am the room mom for my son's 2nd grade class. I love his teacher and was hoping that my daughter would get her next year. But, alas, the teacher is heading to a different school next year to be a vice principal. So during teacher appreciation week, I was in charge of decorating the classroom door. I got it all together and had another Mom put it up for me since hubby's graduation was at the same time. It was a "Recipe for Success" with cookies with the kids faces. Super cute!

I was also in charge of getting together a teacher gift to present on Friday. I bought and embellished an apron and had the kids sign it in fabric marker when I went to help with PE. I also asked for donations--which the parents happily provided. I saw the idea of putting the gift cards together in a scrapbook thing. This seemed like the best idea since she isn't going to be teaching next year. Here is my take on it...made around 10 pm the night before.

We are really sad that Thumbelina won't get to have her next year and we won't even get to see her anymore! But hopefully she had a great year to go out on.

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Molly said...

Super cute idea! I'm sure she loved it!