Friday, May 27, 2011

Such a GIRL!

My oldest daughter, Thumbelina, is almost 7. She loves anything with ruffles. She went through a long phase where she would not wear anything I made for her. She would be super excited as I was slaving over the item, but as soon as it was finished, she would cry everytime I tried to have her wear it. Good thing she has 2 younger sisters that I can save it for or I would have given up right then!

She is in first grade now. With that comes school shirts. There is the regular school shirt with the mascot on the front. Then there was a fundraiser which came with another shirt. And don't forget the dance festival where all of the first graders got matching shirts.

The problem with this is the shirts are blah. She won't wear them. So I get the fun and exciting job of trying to refashion them into something she WILL wear. Here is my first take on the fundraiser shirt.
The unaltered shirt on the left and the new 'dress' on the right. But dumb me forgot to wash the shirt before I cut it all up. So that dress goes to little sister and I now have to make another for Thumbelina...with ruffles, she said.

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Stephanie said...

It looks really cute! I need sewing lessons. I got a sewing machine for my birthday but haven't gotten it out of the box. I'm too scared....