Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It seems like Munchkin is more accident prone than the other kids. When she was about 2, she pulled the TV down on her head...twice. She is always running into things, tripping over nothing and just generally banging herself up. But Sunday was a doozy. She was putting her clothes away, standing on Squirt's bed like always, when her drawer fell out. She lost her balance and did a header into the empty drawer hole. She got medicine, bandaids and to watch a show in Mom and Dad's bed.

About an hour later, she was ready to go to church...where everyone asked her what happened to her nose.
She also got 3 scratches by her eye. The boy came up later and asked what happened to her and I told him that Wolverine got her. He didn't believe me.


Shaunee said...

Poor little girl :( Syd is like that. Totally accident prone. Hope her nose and scratches feel better soon

The Sweet Escape said...

Poor Munchkin! She looks pretty banged up. I love how you told that boy is was from Wolverine! :)