Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squirt and Her Bear

Squirt has a bear. Her favorite bear. In fact, her favorite thing in the whole world! When we are at home, her bear stays in her bed. It only comes out in time of catastrophe or in time of laundry.

This morning was a time of catastrophe. Thumbelina was spinning the two littles in the computer chair. Both were laughing until Squirt flew out and landed right on her face.

***Bear to the rescue!***

And then the phases of bear begin:

Phase one: She sees bear

Phase two: She hugs bear
Phase three: She holds bears hand while sucking both her thumbs.
More fun bear facts:
1. We take bear along anytime she is left with a sitter. Just in case.
2. When bear gets washed, she waves to him when he goes into the washer and says, "Bye Bear!" But when we dry him, you can hear his chime as he goes round and round. So she will walk back and forth by the dryer saying, "bear? bear? Bear?"
3. Although we have about a million other Carebears, she doesn't like any of them. Sometimes she will snuggle a small pink chenille one, but it's not the same.

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The Rose Family said...

That's cute. Ru was that way with her Bunny. We had to kidnap him in the night to get him washed. And heaven forbid we try to get to daycare without him. Now she's an equal opportunity toy employer-- as long as she has one of her own with her at all times. We've started stealing some to be Fiona's in the future. Those night-time kidnappings are brutal!!