Saturday, December 26, 2009

Totally Worth It

We have breakfast for dinner on Christmas Eve. I found this idea on a blog earlier that day. We were tired of shopping so we worked with what we had. Santa pancakes! I think next year we will do French Toast Christmas trees.
We let the kids sleep in the playroom. Munchkin didn't make it very long before she asked to go in her bed. Then ET and Thumbelina were smashed together on the couch.
We were finished setting everything up by 11:30. We decided that Santa fills their stockings, and brings them a wrapped present and a present already set up. So Santa brought them each an art set and books. Munchkin got her trike, Thumbelina got the barbie house, ET got a Nerf gun set, and Squirt got some ball popper toy.

Santa's helper is setting up Thumbelina's new Barbie Dollhouse,
The dolls were a hit. Munchkin named her's 'Fuzzy' and Thumbelina named her's 'Princess.' Squirt's has yet to be named.
Munchkin--the one woman band. We tried to get the tambourine to balance on her head but her head was too big.
Those little arms and legs are the perfect size for chewing. I stuffed them extra full so it would be a good chew.
Munchkin got a tricycle so she can work on getting ready for Thumbelina's old bike. Everyone took turns on it. ET's skateboard was also much coveted.

It was a good Christmas this year. We started a cousin gift exchange. My kids really liked picking out presents for their cousins. (It was kind of weird on my side of the family because I have 4 kids and my sister has one and my brother has one. So 2 of my kids bought for their siblings.) We also got a bunch of games and have been playing game after game since yesterday. Hubby's parents went in on computer games for the kids. (We got a new computer so the kids are getting the old one in a corner of my craft room.) It is so much fun watching them get so excited about their presents...and then everyone else's presents, and try to share.

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kemp-y-QUA!! said...

so fun! i love the little dolls