Monday, December 21, 2009


The only harder than growing out your own bangs in trying to grow out your kids bangs!

Please remind me of that once this one's hair stops sticking straight up...
I cut the other girls' hair last week. Thumbelina had a bunch of layers that had all grown out to resemble a shelf on the back of her head. And Munchkin's sides grow super slow so she was kinda growing a mullet. So please let me introduce you to Bob #1:
And Bob #2

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The Rose Family said...

I think Bob #2 looks more like a "Joe" or "bill". Ru still loves to watch your daughter sing the smile song and she still remembers everyone's names. You should totally post more video so that I have something else to bribe her with! How to you keep the fly-aways under control in your daughter's hair? Ru looks like a frizz mop by lunchtime with her hair up. ???