Monday, July 28, 2008

The End of an Era

We are a one car family. The van is no more. Well, it's still around just not in our family anymore.

Hubby wants to get a motorcycle. Again. If he sells one more, I am not letting him buy another one! He has to look around (probably for weeks) and find the perfect one. I can tell him right now...we can't afford the 'perfect' bike. But this information will come out in negotiations later.

I don't really go out much. As anyone with three kids can tell you, most of the time it is just not worth it. But I still feel stranded without a car. At least then, I had the option. You know, I was choosing to stay home. Now, I am limited to the park and...well, just the park. Sure I can have the car, but right now, that would mean I have to take Hubby to work with the kids at 5:30am, or make him ride the bus.

So I am resigned to being carless for a while. Besides, I can still go out at night. You know, if I really want to.

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