Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brown is My New Favorite Color

When you have girls, everything becomes about pink. There must be pink clothes, pink shoes, pink hair accessories (you know, when they finally get hair) and pink toys. We have roughly 2.17 million stuffed animals. Out of all of these, about 12 are realistic colors. Many are pink. Varying shades of pink. Pink. Pink. Pink!

Thumbelina's favorite bedtime buddy is CheerBear. CheerBear is (you guessed it) pink. So when she takes it out of her bed and I have to look for it at night before bed, it is a bit of a struggle. I can usually get it within the first 10 pink things. But that is only because I know exactly what shade of pink to look for and CheerBear's specific tummy symbol. Hubby would be looking forever.

Munchkin has a fever. I put her to bed with a temperature of 100 degrees. She woke an hour later just plain uncomfortable. Her temperature was a whole degree higher, and she wanted her favorite bedtime buddy.

I am so glad that her favorite stuffed animal is a brown monkey.

That I can always get on the first try.

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