Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This year, for Father's Day, hubby said all he wanted was a picture for his office.  In Jan, he moved back to the Sales side at his work and is back in an office.  His old pictures only included two of our children.  It was time for a new one.
We tried taking one before church.  Believe it or not, this was the best one!

So we had to try again after church and the kids had to hide their feet from their dad! 
Oh well.  Some pictures should be less staged and more real, right?  We do love Daddy around here!

Water Fun

 We are trying to stay cool and keep the kids entertained this summer.  I found this idea on Pinterest--slight fail!  But the kids did like it and had fun.

 And our slip n slide has been used about every other day.  Usually in the backyard but the irrigation water was in the backyard that day.  Squirt is still trying to figure it out and mostly walks or hops down the slide.  The other kids are more daring, trying to surf.

Uncle Trent

My uncle Trent has started a new tradition.  He sends everyone $10 on their birthday.  Munchkin got $10, the boy got $10, and Squirt got $10.  Squirt decided that our sprinklers are boring and she wanted a new one.  Welcome home Hello Kitty! 

 Then she started running circles
 around and around

She loves it.

Terrible Twos Go Away--Come On Terrific Threes!

Squirt turned 3!  I can't believe she is three.  She loves the book One Fish Two Fish, and can recite most of it.  She loves the fish that is "very, very bad." (I wonder why!) So we did a Fish Party for her 3rd birthday.

Step 1:  Make fish cupcakes
 Step 2:  Make a cupcake stand out of cake circles and cans of beef broth
 Step 3:  Practice for the week before so she'll know how to blow out her candles this year.
 The rest of the pictures are of her opening presents, which is pretty boring.  But she was so excited about every present, she would gasp when she opened it and saw what it was...every time!
 Minnie Puzzle
 Cupcake dress and minnie pjs

 Book and Purse from Lacey (and Lance?)
 Minnie books

 Giant Floor mats from Janet and Lynne

 Minnie Bubble Tea set--coolest thing ever!
She also got a Care Bear coloring set and a Minnie purse from Syd and Logan, and a cute dress from Jessie.  I really have to do better at taking pictures of the people who are there.  We had a lot of family there and she loved it.  And a special thanks to Lance for eating all the extra cupcakes!

Another Year is Over

I was a Room Mom again this year--for the boys class again.  So I was in charge of the Teacher gift for Teacher appreciation week.  I was able to collect most of the money from the kids in the class to pay for it, and I got some off of City Deals so I saved there too.  I was able to get their teacher a bunch of gift cards, and put them in a little book.  Can I just say that I LOVE my Silhouette?!

She seemed to really like it.  She was the most excited about the Barnes and Noble one so I am glad that one was worth the most.  Next year, I am going to try to be the Kindergarten Room mom since it is not very involved!


For Easter this year, I didn't want anything huge.  The kids did a neighborhood Egg Hunt and got TONS of candy, plus our quick yard one with more candy.  So I wanted the Easter Bunny to bring them stuff they could use.  So the kids got their Easter baskets on Saturday morning since Sunday was Fast Sunday and Eli wouldn't be able to eat any of the candy.  They got the bunny face suckers, a chick that pooped out gumballs and a bunch of other candy.  Then on Sunday, we gave them jello playdough, bath toys and church books.  Along with a bunch of printable easter games I found online.

 This jello playdough was super fun (please note the dripping sarcasm) to make.  Two whole nights and three trips to the store for Cream of Tartar.  And then two weeks later, it was all covered with mold.  Maybe refridgerate next time?
 Bunny ears and bunny suckers
 Not sure where Thumbelina was, but Squirt couldn't wait to get her picture taken.
Bunny Bingo, Tic Tac Crack, Don't Eat Peep, a Bunny Matching game, and Apostle Flashcards.  Most of these from since I am too tired to link.

All in all a good day--too much candy, but lots of friends and even a little family.