Friday, June 29, 2012

Terrible Twos Go Away--Come On Terrific Threes!

Squirt turned 3!  I can't believe she is three.  She loves the book One Fish Two Fish, and can recite most of it.  She loves the fish that is "very, very bad." (I wonder why!) So we did a Fish Party for her 3rd birthday.

Step 1:  Make fish cupcakes
 Step 2:  Make a cupcake stand out of cake circles and cans of beef broth
 Step 3:  Practice for the week before so she'll know how to blow out her candles this year.
 The rest of the pictures are of her opening presents, which is pretty boring.  But she was so excited about every present, she would gasp when she opened it and saw what it was...every time!
 Minnie Puzzle
 Cupcake dress and minnie pjs

 Book and Purse from Lacey (and Lance?)
 Minnie books

 Giant Floor mats from Janet and Lynne

 Minnie Bubble Tea set--coolest thing ever!
She also got a Care Bear coloring set and a Minnie purse from Syd and Logan, and a cute dress from Jessie.  I really have to do better at taking pictures of the people who are there.  We had a lot of family there and she loved it.  And a special thanks to Lance for eating all the extra cupcakes!

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