Friday, March 18, 2011


I took the kids to Roberts this morning looking for things I needed for a project I was doing. When we checked out, the lady, of course, offered the girls balloons. She tied them on their wrists and continued with taking my money. I told Squirt to leave hers on her wrist. She took it off. I told her to hold on tight or it would float away and be all gone. While she was playing in a basket of eggs by the register, she let go of her balloon. It floated up to the ceiling, out of reach. She immediately started freaking out. "Balloon! Balloon," she cried. I told her that she let go of it and it was gone. I reminded her that she took it off her wrist. Basically I lugged her out of the store screaming. While I was buckling her in, the lady in line behind me came up to me and said, "I admire your parenting." Then she was gone.

So either I am doing something right by letting my children learn consequences, or that lady was crazy.

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The Rose Family said...

I think most people are surprised when parents let their children feel the consequences of their actions instead of trying to undo them. Good job. Ru is getting another course in consequences today and she doesn't like it either...