Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Day of Love

I always make shirts for the kids. The boy got a Christmas shirt with a red truck hauling a christmas tree. They get birthday shirts...except for Munchkin who I totally forgot about! Oops! But I am working on one for her. Last year I made Valentine shirts and I fear I have set a bar. Darn it! It was so hard last year to think up something manly for the boys shirt. But he still wears it which is the real test. This year, I decided we needed a theme. You know, matchy matchy.

Conversation hearts! I had to approve the saying for the boy's shirt but he asked to wear it yesterday so I figure I'm golden!

You Rock for the boy against any lovey crap.
Sweet squirt gets hugs and kisses--because really, who doesn't want to hug and kiss that little girl?

Crazy Munchkin loves her cupcake shirt
And of course pink for Thumbelina!
The kids are so excited about them. I am just excited I got them done!
Now I have to get the boy's birthday shirt done for 4 days after Valentines!


Ashley Dudley said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

I want one! You are an amazing crafty lady!

lauralquinton said...

great idea. I love that you make them shirts. That's something they'll always remember. You should then make the shirts into a blanket once they grow out of them so they always have the design. You know, because you have nothing else to do. ;) But it looks fabulous.

The Rose Family said...

Yeah, it's tough wth those Feb 19th b-days! I'm taking a page out of your book to make shirts too-- so thanks for setting the bar so high!!

Stephanie said...

SO SO SO Stinking cute!