Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Step At A Time

I am plowing through my craft room. Trying to finish up projects that were started many moons ago. So far, I have finished 3 shirts for Squirt, two skirts for Thumbelina, a shirt for Thumbelina, and a bag for the Boy. Mind you, the only thing I made from scratch was the bag. All the other stuff were just refashions. You know, rompers that don't fit Squirt anymore become shirts; shirts that are too short for Thumbelina get extra length added. Recently we gave away all of our old boy clothes. But I went through them first and asked Thumbelina if she would wear any of the more neutral things. So from that, I have pink ruffles to add to a gray sweatshirt, and tan shorts that need the legs brought in and an applique added. And she is sooooo excited about it.

Anyway, since boy clothes are so much harder than girls, the Boy mostly gets bags. Here is a bag for his library books.

With a request for another bag to hold his scriptures---"but not with batman on the front because that's not appropriate for church."

Apparently some of the teaching is sinking in.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Biggest Kid Of All

Hubby on his Father's Day present.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Funniest Thing EVER!!!


I love how all the kids dogpile on the ball and ET just stands there.

It's just plain fun all around.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brand New...Kind Of

Thumbelina outgrew the bike that Grandma and Grandpa gave her. So we did the old switcheroo. Thumbelina's bike would go to Munchkin, and ET's old Spiderman bike would go to Thumbelina. Sounds like a perfect idea, right?


The problem with this idea? Well, how could Thumblina possibly be expected to ride a boy bike? I mean, really! A bike with not a stitch of pink in sight. Unthinkable. She wouldn't even consider it.

So to avoid a long and drawn out pouting session every time anyone rode a bike, we bought a can of spray paint and went to town. Pink, Pink, PINK! (But a really bad spray paint job in which I didn't take anything apart--I just sprayed.)

Then, she needed a new chain for her bike. So since we needed to take the bike apart anyway, I talked my husband into sanding, repainting and a new seat for the bike. I told Thumbelina it would take at least a week since we were factoring in a vasectomy and the subsequent lying about.

But we are totally done now.

Now she LOVES it. She is super excited to ride it.

But now we have another problem...the other kids want their bikes painted too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mover, Shaker, Etc.

Squirt has taken this whole learning to walk thing to the next level. And she is just so darn proud of herself!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The BIG Snip

Hubby goes in tomorrow for the big snip...aka his vasectomy. Try explaining that to your children. I started with, "We are done having babies so Daddy is having a surgery that makes it so we don't have any more babies."

ET: But I want a brother.

(Ain't gonna happen.)

Thumbelina: Surgery? Like they're going to cut him?

(It ain't called the big snip for nothing!)

Munchkin: What's surgery?

Then, tonight, we had whispered conversations about where exactly they are going to cut him.

ET: Where are the tubes they are going to cut?

Me: On his boy parts.

Thumbelina: (whispered) on his butt or his pe*nis?

Me: Everyone has a butt so that's not a boy part.

Consider this your fair warning if my children come and play at your house.

Snip Snip

Squirt was born with hair. She is a year old now and will not leave any clips in her hair. It was getting long and in her eyes so on Sunday, I cut it. Then hubby gave her a bath and put her down for a nap. I cut more than an inch off the top.
When she got up from her nap, I almost cried! Her hair was sticking straight up--back to the mohawk! Luckily it flattened out quite a bit. She has long hair in her mohawk and right behind both ears. Now if we could just get the rest of her hair to grow a bit...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Super Mom I am not. But I do my best to keep the kids entertained.

They play in the house that fits over the dining room table--Squirt loves it!
Wearing big sister's jammies just for fun--thanks Dad!
Turning Thumbelina loose with the camera at the boy's Tball game---sorry random people.
Playing with a crayon sharpener...sound effects and tons of drool complimentary.
And my favorite...entertaining oneself. Look Mom! 2 feet, one slipper. Awesome!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Impaired Conversations

Hubby took the boy to see the new Karate Kid movie tonight with his Karate school. They got home, we read scriptures and sent the kids to bed in the playroom. I was asking hubby who all was at the movie. Then I asked him about one of the instructors who is also in our ward.

I said, "Do you know who he is yet?"
Hubby: Yeah--well I don't know his name but I know who he is.
Me: What does he look like?
Hubby: (no answer--hubby has fallen asleep)
Me: Honey. What does he look like?
Hubby: Like a bunch of trees and an apartment complex with scenery.


The best part of these conversations are when he realizes that he has said something that makes absolutely no sense. So I just wait for it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swim Lessons

The girls have been doing swim lessons.

Munchkin was in a class of 5 with 2 teachers. She didn't pass. She is still afraid to put her face in the water and terrified of the deep end. So she will be repeating it come Monday.

Thumbelina started in a class of 4, which dwindled to 2. But this whole week she has been the only one in class. She passed with flying colors. So she is taking this next session off while ET does the class she just finished. Then, next session, they will be in the same class.

Hopefully Munchkin can get over her fears.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Would Summer Be Without Water?

This is such a Munchkin look. Someone took her turn.
The boy is fearless. He even managed a couple times standing up.
Thumbelina did great too. The first few times of the summer, she always gingerly walks down it a few times before she gets the hang of it.
Munchkin didn't get very many turns with so many other bigger kids but she totally went for it.
My sister bought the kids a Slip N Slide for Christmas a few years ago and it was great. (What a cruel joke giving a summer toy in December--I had to hide it for a few months.) But last summer, it got ripped up by our totally even and level yard, and no where to safely store it. So YAY for Memorial Day sales! And the kids love it. We have water every day--alternating between the sprinkler and slip n slide with one pool day a week. Hopefully, once the kids know how to not die in the real pool, we can go there instead!


You know how sometimes when you're in the car and a song comes on but you get to wherever you are going before it ends and that song is stuck in your head ALL DAY LONG?

Well, it happens to kids too.

This is why they are outside playing.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Week One

Girls Night...In. Hubby took the boy camping so we had a toe-nail-painting-Tinkerbell-watching-party wherein we all slept in the playroom---even Squirt!
My girls have such squishy toes that I had to hold them apart while they dried.
But now we all have hot pink sparkly toes
Thumbelina requested Cinderella hair for church to go with her cinderella dress. And dangly earrings to match.
Munchkin got a new food set for her playhouse, complete with oven mitt. Then I found her play oven mitt in the drawer in the kitchen.
Squirt is recruiting for a new rocker gang...must have rocker, willing to ride.
And sleeping it off after church.
I caught her wiping the wall with a dryer sheet. We teach 'em young here!
Swim lessons commenced. New goggles required.
Moving on up in Karate. Now he's a green belt, which I think means he gets to help teach other classes. He is learning a lot and is so focused in class.
All in all not a bad week. I just need to be better about getting chores done in the morning when we don't do anything anyway.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So far, this is my summer: trying to keep 4 kids happy in a kiddie pool.